Can a Microwave Kill the Coronavirus?

The rapid spread of Coronavirus infection and fear of this unknown disease is the cause of many speculations that are often untrue. Is it possible to get coronavirus from food, pets, is the infection transmitted during airing, and can COVID-19 be killed in the microwave? In this article, we will try to disprove popular myths about the pandemic.

Is Coronavirus really dangerous?

Coronavirus is an acute viral disease characterized by predominant lesions of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract. Coronavirus is a zoonotic infection, ie it can be transmitted to humans from animals. Coronavirus infection poses a danger to the individual and to the health care system. People at risk:

  • people over 65,
  • people with diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • with metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus, impaired glucose tolerance, changes in thyroid function, autoimmune diseases,
  • with disorders of the blood coagulation system, etc.

Popular myths about Coronavirus

Not only Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is now spreading, but also misinformation about it. Knowing the facts is very important to be well prepared and protect yourself and your loved ones. Fighting fakes has long been an urgent problem of mankind. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the wave of fakes and myths began to strike in size. Some myths are still ingrained in people’s minds despite all attempts to disprove them.

Can you get COVID-19 from a domestic dog or cat?

Experts have also destroyed the myth that the Coronavirus can be caught from a pet. In their opinion, this is possible, but the likelihood of this is very small. Experts noted that the principle of social distancing should also be applied to your pets: do not let them close to other people and animals during outdoor walks.

Can a Microwave Kill the Coronavirus?

Experts warn more than once that coronavirus can be found on a wide variety of objects, for example, on the products we bring home. Not surprisingly, some people are wondering does microwave kill Coronavirus?

This issue has not yet been fully studied by scientists from the World Health Organization. Therefore, it cannot be argued that microwave radiation from microwave ovens inactivates the COVID-19. But earlier studies showed that viruses such as HIV and avian coronavirus died in the microwave after a time interval of 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

Although the microwave oven produces waves that are bactericidal and virucidal, we are currently unable to determine how long it takes to disinfect or sterilize an object. Ultraviolet disinfection can also be used, but this method is difficult to use at home.

Smokers have twice the risk of complications from the disease

A small study involving 191 patients found a statistical association between mortality from COVID-19 and smoking. Another study, involving 1,099 patients, found that the proportion of smokers among the seriously ill was higher than among those who had the disease go away easily. Smokers were also more likely to require mechanical ventilation and treatment in the intensive care unit. The study showed that the risk of severe disease increases 2.4 times. Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for severe Coronavirus death and death from it. This in itself is not surprising, given how tobacco use affects the immune system and lung function.

Alcohol increases the risk of Coronavirus infection

Alcohol lowers a person’s immunity, which increases the risk of infection and can lead to complications during the illness. The organization drew attention to the European region, which, according to statistics, accounts for a third of all deaths caused by alcohol. In total, according to the WHO, alcohol kills 3 million people a year.