Streamline business basic processes with board portal feature comparisons

board portal features

The board of directors of any organization can be compared with the “head”, and all other departments are guided by it. The better the order in the activity of the board, the more harmonious and effective the whole system of the company is. That’s why you need a board portal, which will help to achieve this order, optimize the meeting process and increase security.  However, there are so many such proposals on the market now, and to choose the best of them, you need to be able to properly compare the features offered to you. In this article, we’ll break down what features an effective board portal should have.

Private and safe board meeting conversations

Even in spite of the events that are taking place in the world, namely the constant threats of cybersecurity and hacking into company systems around the world, many boards neglect their personal security and the security of the entire company. They don’t take protection seriously enough, use personal data to communicate with the rest of the board, and use insecure methods of data sharing.

Thus, they expose their organizations to more security risks, and they have a greater chance of exposing the company to a data breach. In such a case, important meeting materials, financial and other reports, legally important meeting minutes, and so on may be lost. Nevertheless, many people are still concerned about the security methods they use. With whiteboard portals, you provide yourself with a secure space to download and use important data, as well as for meetings, voting, and collaboration. Quality whiteboard portals provide you with encryption features, detailed permissions, and other useful features for protection.

Effective communication with easy access to information

In order for your meeting to be productive, preparing attendees and distributing documents in a convenient, timely manner is very important. In the past, preparation took too much time, was inflexible, and participants had a greater chance of coming underprepared because they didn’t get the right documents in time.

Now, board software provides important administrative features so you can prepare for a meeting in just a couple of clicks. You can create and upload agendas right in the portal space, and other participants can go in and study the materials they need at any time. When choosing your vendor, make sure it offers advanced meeting organization and management functionality, such as a meeting calendar, instant notifications, and file synchronization.

Collaboration and discussion before a board meeting

Effective board meetings involve discussing relevant material and making informed decisions. With the use of a board portal, you can notice how everyone’s engagement becomes much higher. These decisions provide you with a tool for discussion both before and after the meeting. To do this, however, a whiteboard portal must have annotation features as well as the ability to share documents, presentations, and so on. The ideal whiteboard portal allows you to digitally accomplish the same things you do manually, but with the addition of useful chips that will only make your job easier.

Price Policy

In a time of board portal feature comparisons, you shouldn’t neglect the pricing of the vendor either. The price is usually the most obvious difference. The price range of solutions on the market can vary to different levels of availability. After all, the most important thing for you is not just the fact that the solution has to meet all your requirements, but that it has to fit your budget.