PC games to spend your time while the Coronavirus outbreak

While some buy antiseptics, masks, toilet paper, buckwheat, and board games, others – sit in comfortable chairs, take a PC or console, snacks and hang on their favorite gaming platforms. So, this article will analyze the best PC games to spend your time while the Coronavirus outbreak.

Quarantine as a lifestyle: the best time for the gaming industry

Quarantine has dramatically changed the lives of most people, hit businesses, forced everyone to remain in social isolation, and give up many everyday joys in the form of meeting friends for coffee or a walk in the park. However, not everyone experiences this period as an exclusively negative experience.

Media contribute to this way of spending time. Popular sites give advice on which games will help overcome the dangers of Coronavirus, and Steam is breaking all records for the number of people online. The growth of interest in the gaming industry is confirmed by statistics. In just one day, more than 20 million people from all over the world gathered on the Steam platform.

The gaming industry is now going through its golden days. Those who once wanted to play with all the missed news or just be distracted finally found the time. In the age of high technology, high-speed Internet, and the rapid development of e-sports, many people have chosen computer games as a way to have fun and excitement to spend free time, which appeared due to quarantine.

It is noteworthy that people of all generations admitted that they spend much more time on games than before the pandemic. According to research by RENTCafe, the average time spent playing games per week increased by 60% (from 5.3 hours to 8.5 hours per week).

The most preferred games by gamers

The younger age groups predominantly played shooters and online games, while the older groups preferred more casual singles. In general, the list of the most popular games comprises:

  • The UEFA Champions League

It is Electronic Arts’ soccer simulator that creatively leverages the UEFA license to give you the freedom to play a major European tournament in your own way. Take control of your favorite team and defeat enemies in this quality licensed project.

  • Assassin’s Creed III

The game describes the events of the American Revolutionary War. The war of the Knights Templar and the Assassins spanning centuries reaches its climax in this iteration of the franchise. In addition to exploring cities of a bygone era, in this part, you can also hunt wild animals and build your own settlements. Following the traditions of the series, the plot of the game develops simultaneously in two timelines.

  • Crysis 2

The game describes the invasion of hostile aliens continues. The game takes place after the first Crysis, as well as the addition of Crysis: Warhead. Take on the role of a nano suit-clad soldier of the future. The outfit will give you incredible abilities, without which it would be impossible to survive in alien-captured New York.

  • Borderlands 3

It is a limitless multiplayer shooter, a sequel to the classic treasure-seeking adventure on the planet Pandora. Embark on an exciting new adventure with a brand new four adventurers, enjoy adventures and exciting battles. As one of the new adventurers of the third part, you will fight the most dangerous enemies that you will ever meet.

  • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

It is the first in an anthology of single-shot cinematic horror games. A distinctive feature of The Dark Pictures series is the presence of a multiplayer game mode. Go on an ocean cruise with friends, but just be on the lookout: there is something sinister on the ship beside you.