Best Online Courses to spend your time during Coronavirus

One of the most pressing issues today in quarantine is how useful and profitable to spend time for yourself? After all, the media say that quarantine is not a vacation! So, this is a time for self-improvement and discovering new horizons. We offer a number of free online platforms that can promote your self-development.

Quarantine is a good alternative for self-development

Coronavirus infection has changed the lives of people around the world. However, free time cannot be spent on meetings with friends and pleasant walks, because self-isolation is the most reliable way to protect you from Covid-19 and stop the spread of the disease. Not everyone is given total solitude easily.

There were still a bunch of free courses on the Internet to learn anything. However, during a Coronavirus pandemic, many services offer discounts on popular online destinations, or even offer them for free. If you lacked the motivation to learn French or a new profession, think about it: aren’t you attracted to the opportunity to get for free what you have to pay up to big sums for at other times?

The best options for online courses

Quarantine is not a cause for depression. Free time at home at the computer can be spent with benefit. To do this, there are online self-development courses.  So, the best online —Āourses to spend your time during Coronavirus include the following options:

  • Harvard OneDrive is a useful online course, organized by Harvard Business School. Perhaps at one time, it seemed like a dream to study in one of the programs of this elite university, but with the development of online education, we got more opportunities. The university has compiled a selection of five free online Harvard courses you can start taking today.
  • Learn English from EnglishDom is a popular platform with free access to the ED Words service. This mobile application helps to learn English words according to a certain effective algorithm. You can create your own sets of words for repetition, or use thematic blocks, such as movies, dating, TOP-100 verbs, cooking, and more.
  • It has become much easier to feel like an American student. The Coursera educational platform has opened free access to university courses through the coronavirus pandemic for distance learning. The Coursera for Campus section will comprise about 4,000 courses in various specialties. Here you can find useful and instructive information for both students and employees with considerable professional achievements.
  • SKILLSHARE online platform provides valuable knowledge in areas such as photography, design and web design, illustration, music, and cinema. This online platform gives everyone the first two months of use – for free. Here you will find courses in the above areas.
  • Google’s online marketing course. This course has always been freely available, but not everyone knew about it. And now – there is a great opportunity not only to gain useful knowledge but also to confirm it with the appropriate certificate. A certificate from Google will still be your strong point in the resume if you work with the relevant field.
  • 3 months of free use of the Peloton application for sports at home, keeping fit in quarantine, and improving health. We all follow quarantine to protect our health. But when you are constantly sitting in the apartment and moving a little – it can still get worse. To stay in good shape and move more – you can install an application with the first three free months of use. There is a workout video just for home. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.